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Network Design and Installation

In today's world, your network is essential to your connected business. Without it you lose many vital functions.

Structured cabling installed by Scioto Micro Systems is designed and built to last a lifetime. Every stage of the installation, from the initial site survey to the final testing and certification is rigorously audited against all relevant standards, building and electrical codes and best practice guidelines.

All of our cable is laid to the rigorous guidelines specified by BICSI, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

We design your network to ensure scaleability and flexibility - they have to be able to grow and change to suit your needs.

Scioto Micro Systems designs and installs all kinds of cabling, whether in a new building, as part of a remodel, or adding to an existing network.

All cable is installed to BICSI, TIA and ISO standards, and is naturally compliant with all national, state and local building codes.

We only use high quality cable and components from leading manufacturers - we believe that unbranded or off-brand cable and components are a false economy.

This is done with the minimum possible disruption to your business, and we clean up and leave your premises in atat least as good a condition as we find them.